[ Two parts of a city that make me whole - two parts become one ] •• I’ve been in Bellingham for almost 5 months now and it’s so hard to believe that one little place can bring me so much happiness. This place had no significance to me ever before and suddenly my soul is so absolutely content. I drive around and literally fall in love with the roads and the homes and the people and the way the air feels. The weeks building up to moving here scared the hell out of me and sometimes I even dreaded it a little, but not one single bone in me feels that way anymore. I am meant to be in this place, this place has chosen me…and that’s a pretty cool fucking feeling. Thanks for being the coolest Bham, I love ya. •• #HomeIsWhereIAmRightNow #Bellingham #Washington #WindyRoadsAndCityLights #Bliss #PhotoEdit

i drank two bottles of wine. oops

making dinner for one and enjoying some wine